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See a new gallery of recent abstract paintings (10/02/12)

"I think art has the capacity not only to put the practitioner but the observer in touch with life. That’s what it does….and you know it’s an activity by a relatively small number of people and there’s so much pressure...coming around how it’s so self-serving and deluded and all this, but that’s not what it’s about at all. It’s an activity by a small group of people of benefit to a great number of people I just don’t see that it’s self-serving; it’s an activity that benefits a broad range of people."

"And it’s truly democratic in that it’s there. I mean every one has you know –generally speaking – everyone has eyes and has ears and they have bodies and they know about movement. You have the wherewithal to accept the vocabulary of the medium. You use the can read theory til you’re blue in the face… if you want to know about painting, you go look at painting, if you want to know about music, you go listen to music and of course the more you listen to, the more you’re going to know about it, the more judgement you’ll have, the more you’ll be able to make a critical distinction. So it is truly democratic in that sense. You know, it’s not only for some isolated little group of people doing, you know, self-serving crap." — Harley

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